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The Global Lab WEB Process:


The web support for Global Lab will vary by year and sponsor.

For 2008-9 students and teachers in the current GL can work on-line at Russian Global Lab

thanks to the support of Intel in Russia.


1. Registration: Click on the registration button in the left menu. Then Select "Teacher".


In your registration, you select your own username and your school, if it is already entered.  If your school has not been entered already, you will need to select "Other" and provide more information.


After you press Continue, or provide more information about your school, you will be told that your registration is complete:



2. Log-In and Class Creation: Now you can log in directly in the space at the top right of the page:



After logging in, you'll see a page that shows all of your classes.

If you are a new teacher, there will not be classes listed yet.  It will say:

        Register a new class?

        You click on the Register a new class link to get to the next screen.





When you create your class you will be asked to create a special class password; This word is used by the students when they create their account.  It puts them in the class that you created.  After that, students will sign-in at the top just as you do.  (What they see on their pages is different than what the you see because the system knows they are students.)


The demographic information is self-evident, but does not have to all be filled in upon registration.  It can be entered over the first month.


Pictures, too, can be a class project.  Clicking the Browse button will allow you to search for and upload images.  (See Working with Picture, below.)


Once your school enters information in the registration process, a star appears as on a map. One can pull this map around so that it centers over your school.



Clicking on the star brings up the school name and links to its data.


From links in the call out (the area in quotes), we can find out more about a school's participating class, school and study site.  (Clicking on the X will close the call-out.)


From the first class link you will be able to see the demographic information:



2.  Your students, too, will also have to register once in order to enter their choice of username and password.  They are asked to write these in their journal.  It may be useful for you to keep a complete print out of their usernames and passwords in your desk! That list is available as one of the four links you see under the name of your class: Edit, View Class List, Study Site, Class Info.



3. Working with Pictures From the second link you can see pictures of a class, school and study site in a photographic array.


From the study site link:



Each new picture needs a title (less than 255 characters) and one or two sentence description. Ideally the pictures are 640 by 480 pixels or higher, but not much more than 2 MB each.


Each picture can be annotated for sharing with students in other classes. (The only annotations possible currently are boxes drawn on top of the image.  Each of these can have a title and some information about it.) As the project continues, more information will be linked to your basic web page for sharing with others.


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