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Investigating Life on the Study Site

How diverse is animal and plant life on your study site?

How representative of regional ecosystems is your study site?


An Introduction to the Whole Investigation (teachers)

1. Initial DOCUMENTING of Your Study Site

For many young students, observations of the natural world are a gateway to science and the beginning of personally compelling investigations. In this activity the class selects and begins to research the study site that will be studied over the course of the next activities. Students can go to their study site to make observations using their senses -- sight, smell, hearing, and touch and skills: artist and writer, media, and initial mapping teams document the study site.

2. Exploring ANIMAL Life at the Study Site

Teams of students inventory the bugs, birds and mammals of their study site. They consider what makes a good sample.

3. Sampling PLANT Life on the Study Site

Teams of students inventory the trees, shrubs and grasses of their study site.

4. Placing the Study Site Life in an ECOSYSTEM Context

Students explore the major ecosystems and compare them along critical dimensions.

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