United States Presidents

Each dot in the two displays below represents a U.S. president. In the display at left, hovering your mouse over a point will reveal the name of the president. To change the information being displayed, click on an attribute name, e.g. YearsServed, and Choose a new attribute from the submenu under US Presidents.

Try This

Note: You can return to the original configuration at any time by refreshing the browser window.


  1. Which president was oldest when he took office? Which president had the most children? Invent (and answer) other questions like these?
  2. Make a plot with BirthState on the vertical axis and YearElected on the horizontal axis. List several observations you can make from this plot. What do you think might be surprising, at least to some people, about the information in this plot?
  3. In the left graph, change the vertical attribute to Religion. Come up with at least two observations from this plot that you find interesting, and explain why you find them interesting.
  4. Explore the data until you find a plot that is particularly interesting to you. Describe what it is you find interesting.