winding water

Water Travels

Investigative Questions:

  • Where does our local water come from and where does it go?
  • Why does it move and how fast?
  • If you could travel with your body of water, what would you encounter along the way?

Tools and Software (Optional):


Review the Water Cycle (if needed)

The World's Waters (t) – Teacher guide to World's Waters
Spill Case Stories (s) – Reading
Ocean Currents Map - Resource
Regional Water (t) – Teacher guide to Regional Waters
GL Watershed (s) - Student activity page
Water Map Questions – Student activity page
Water Moves (s) - Background reading
Rate of Flow(s) Procedure for measuring water flow


  1. Write a report/story as you travel from upstream to downstream, or from one part of the water cycle to another.
  2. Compare your watershed with another.
  3. Consult:
    Pick watershed, compare 2 on a dimension (e.g. @forest, @ built urban, %cropland, population density, number of fish species , number amphibian species).

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