Water Dissolves Nutrients and Gases

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Some investigative questions:

What dissolves in our water? What are "upstream" environmental concerns in our area?

When our water revaporates, what does it leave behind?

How salty is our water?

What are the nitrate and nitrite levels? Where do nitrates come from?

How hot is our water? Is there a "hot spot" in our flowing body of water?

Useful equipment:

Temperature probe, Dissolved Oxygen probe, Nitrate strips, hydrometer

TERC water pump

(See GREEN water testing kits, by LaMotte)


Solutions and Dissolving (Background)

Testing for Dissolved Solids (Procedure)

Natural Well Contamination (Extension)

Water Temperatures (Background)

Water Temperature Testing (Procedure)

Salinity (Background)

Measuring Salinity (Procedure)

Nitrates (Background)

Measuring Nitrates (Procedure)


MW MODEL with teacher support: Water Shells Around Ions http://molo.concord.org/database/activities/66.html

Direct launch: Model of ions in solution http://mw2.concord.org/tmp.jnlp?address=http://mw2.concord.org/public/student/solution/watershell.cml


Results of measurements of salinity, nitrates, and possibly DO, pH and conductivity.

Data Sheet


pH measurement

Conductivity test

Dissolved Oxygen (Background)

Dissolved Oxygen (Procedure)

Desalinization/distillation (Getting at Fundamentals: molecular model)

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